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Health, Fitness and Wellness Services

Employee Wellness & Worksite Health Promotion

Fit Essentials provides various employee wellness and worksite health promotion programs including: fitness center management, exercise classes, seminars and demonstrations, nutrition counseling, weight loss challenges, and much more! Learn more

Personal Training

Our personal trainers will keep you motivated, provide clear exercise instruction, and encourage consistency in your workouts all in the convenience of your home or office. Learn more

Nutrition Counseling

Eating healthy is personal and should be tailored to fit your specific dietary needs based on your age, gender, occupation, family, health statues, level of activity, allergies, and health goals. Let our registered dietitians guide you to a healthier you. Free nutrition counseling is available to those with qualifying health insurance. Learn more

Fitness Equipment

Shop our online fitness equipment store and start begin your home workout today! Learn more

Weight Loss Competitions

Start a weight loss or fitness competition with friends, relatives, or co-workers! Employers welcome. Join is FREE! Learn more

Online Exercise Videos

Get in shape and lose weight by following our lead fitness trainer's online exercise videos! Workouts vary from beginner to advance, 5 to 50 minutes, and senior to youth fitness! Learn more


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