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Ben Franklin was right when he
coined phrase "An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of
cure". And you the employer as
well as your employees know,
see, and feel this more anyone

Fortunately research findings, national initiatives, and media attention about the rising cost in healthcare have encouraged many employers to implement Employee Wellness programs. Why? Because they make sense, save the employer and employee money, improve employee work productivity, and create a stronger employer-employee bond.

Our programs and services include

The Benefits of our Employee Wellness Program

  • Today, ten and a half percent of the average payroll costs go toward health insurance (1). Most businesses are experiencing double-digit increases in their health insurance premiums.
  • Employees are spending the majority of their waking hours at your workplace. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to affect change in their behavior at the workplace through an employee wellness program.
  • Healthy employees and healthy dependents are likely to incur lower medical costs, have lower rates of absenteeism and higher rates of productivity.
  • Employee wellness programs are an investment in human capitol and will increase your employee's productivity, morale and decrease absenteeism.
  • An employee wellness program will enhance your corporate image and employee retention rates. And it will help you recruit new talent into your business.

For pricing or more information contact customer service at (888) 406-8388.