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Let's face it working out is hard. But mustering up the motivation and discipline to start and stay committed to an exercise program is 10 times more challenging.

This is where we come in. Fit Essentials' Professional Personal Trainers keep you motivated, consistent, excited about your workouts, and focused on reaching your goals. We develop realistic, clear, and achievable fitness plans moving you one-step closer to a healthier, leaner, and more fit body

Personal Training Makes Sense
When you have car problems you take it to the mechanic. If you have pain in your teeth you go to the dentist. When you are having plumbing issues you call a plumber. So when you are out of shape or struggling to lose weight call on Fit Essentials Professinal Personal Trainers. Every professional service has a speciality. We help you to get in better physical shape, be proud to step on the scale, and feel better about your image.

Many people think personal training is a luxury only for the wealthy and proclaimed individuals. This is a gross missconception. In fact there are more "average" people hiring personal trainers everday, and the numbers continue to grow each year. If you want to lighten your financial burden condsider Partner Training or Small Group Training. You can save 50% or more on your bill!

Invest In You
Like everyhting else in life you have to make an upfront investment if you desire benefits. Personal Training is an invest me in YOU! If you are really concerned about present and future health we highly recommend personal training. The weight does not magically disappear with two click of the heel, "magic" weight loss pills will always have side effects and still require you to exercises to be effective, and your mebolism will continue to be sluggish as you age unless you make the right decision for you. Invest in you and hire a Fit Essentials Professional Personal Trainer!

60 minute sessions

1 session = $85.00

10 session pk = $840.00

15 session pk = $1,245.00

20 session pk = $1640.00

30 minute sessions

1 session = $43.00

10 session pk = $420.00

15 session pk = $615.00

20 session pk = $800.00


Studio/Office Location

7910 Montgomery Ave
Elkins Park, Pa 19027
Appointment Only
(888) 406-8388